How do we win so much? ATP-Predictions Story

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How do we win so much?

A lot of people asked us on website live chat how do we win so much?

Well, ATP predictions is created by 3 of the best tipsters in the world with more than 10 years experience on tennis predicting, and with the help of Laboratory 404 development team.

When we say best tennis tipsters in the world, we really mean it!

The kind of tipsters making it extremely challenging, if not impossible, to get a hold or access to them.

Together, in this extraordinary journey we propelled with the goal in mind to become pinnacle of the tennis prediction industry.


But how do you make your pick so accurate?

Firstly we are 3 minds brainstorming daily with a very big experience behind.

For us to pick the match of the day and stay ahead of the competition, we analyze constantly each player’s strategy, form, and previous performance, as well as the playing surface, playing style, mental strength, tournament importance, market trends, and using statistics to make a painstakingly detailed assessment for each match.

This allows us to choose the best value match of the day.

Why is the service free?

Because we are eager to demonstrate our capabilities, the service at the moment is now provided at no cost, but we really apreciate any donations,because it helps us keep the service up and running.

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